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Vermicompost offered by us is prepared using earth worm feeding on biological waste material; plant residues. The Vermicompost is Nutrient-rich and conditioner that enriches soil with essential nutrients. The nutrients are easily transferred to soil and good balance in ecosystems is maintained....
Group: Biohumus
Manure - Panchagavya
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Panchagavya is the combination of five products obtained from cows, which helps in high production of crops and is a traditional means of safeguarding the plants. Much better than chemical pesticides and fertilizers, Panchagavya is an organic conditioner and manure for soil which results in healthy...
Group: Dung
Liquid fertilizer - Vermiwash
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Vermiwash is a Brown colored liquid fertilizer, which is collected after water passes via a worm culture column. As storehouse of nutrients and microorganisms, Vermiwash is used as a foliar spray for crops. We prepare Vermiwash while maintaining high concentrations of micro and macronutrients,...
Group: Complex fertilizers
Organic manure
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Manufactured using Buffalo / Cow dung and biomass by aerobic process and scientific composting, the Organic Manure improves crop Production and yield along with soil health, fertility, structure. Creating excellent conditions for plant growth & development in a healthy manner, the Organic...
Group: Organic crop protectants


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